About Us

I started Ballet Rocks because I couldn’t find any ballet t-shirts that I wanted to wear. So I thought up a brand where the designs would be as elegant and beautiful as ballet itself, and the t-shirts would be as flattering and stylish as anything on the high street.
I hope dance students, professionals, teachers and balletomanes will enjoy our products, which we hope will fill your wardrobe with dancing joy!
We’ve launched in 2018 with four designs, which have been brought to life by our Italian designer who has a fantastic creative empathy with ballet. Further new designs will launch each year.
It was important to find a t-shirt supplier who could provide t-shirts in on-trend shapes and colours and  have an environmental conscience. I was pleased to find Stanley/Stella, a company based in Belgium, who came into existence in much the same way as Ballet Rocks, to provide the clothing business with on-trend styles, whilst adhering to the Fair Wear Foundation criteria. The cotton used is organic and of the highest quality.
We are just beginning this journey of fashionable clothing for people who love dance. We’d love to hear what you think, or if you have ideas for future designs.